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Emma Watson in Mexican Edition of Marie Claire

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Marie Claire, July issue, 2009. Mexico.

Her life beyond “Action!”

Emma acknowledges that she’s been criticized for not being quicker in making decisions when it comes to accepting new projects, and even more, for her hessitation in signing up for the last part of the Potter saga.
“People underestimate the big decision that it was for me to compromise my life for another three or four years. I know people can see it as a sign of me being ungrateful, but you never know what it’s like unless you’re going through it yourself”, she says. The four million dolars a year she makes, according to Forbes, were not enough to make her decide. “I needed this to make sense to me, and I love it, so I’m back”, she said and went back to filming for the sixth time.

She’s a real role model

J.K. Rowling, author of the mega succesful story, did something more important than just a children’s book. In women’s case, Rowling gave future generations a new role model that will hopefully last. Something that we can’t underestimate if you take a peek at tabloids these days. Neither Hermione Granger nor Emma Watson dress in stripper outfits, they cause scenes, and above all, they are not apologetic for who they are. “There’s just way too many stupid girls in the media” judges Emma “but Hermione is not affraid of being smart. Some women play dumb, and that is so sad”, she says. Even though she admits that early own she wished people noticed more how beautiful Hermione was, now she loves that she’s outside of that margin and pressures.

She lives according to her own age.
“It’s weird having to fit in both worlds. In school I have to be a kid, but when I’m filming, people want me to act like an adult.” she says. She seems to manage just fine, something she links with her parents’ support, and her friends, who help her to not lose her ground. “Let’s be honest, I have enough money to never work again in my life, but I don’t want that, learning keeps me motivated”, she mantains without sounding smug. However, she doesn’t live the life of someone who has seen and experienced everything. While the whole world is lining up at the movies to see the sixth film, she’s taking some well deserved vacations before she starts college.

She knows when to say yes and no.
In an interview for People Magazine, Emma surprised the audience when she said she would go nude for a film. “If Iwere to be filmed by Bernardo Bertolucci, maybe. It depends. It’s part of my work. I’m not going to take my clothes off soon though”. And we applaud her for it, because even though we don’t think she should tarnish her reputation being open to the possibilities ofnher profession with such clarity is something to be admired.

She’s a book worm.
Eventhough she’s been acting for ten years, almost the same ammount of movies she’s made, her life is full with other experiences. She didn’t drop out of school as soon as she received her first check, as many other child actors. She kept attendong the prestigious Oxford school Dragon School, with excellent grades and now that she’s finished High school she’s getting ready for college.

Like any girl her age, she gets some backlash from other students for being a straight A girl. “People doesn’t understand why I don’t want to be an actress full time. But my school life keeps me in touch with my friends and it keeps my feet on the ground”. Along with school and her extracurricular activities (she was part of the Drama Club and the Debate Team), there’s her other hobbies: music, grass hockey and painting. And even if she admits she’s surprised at how much of a book worm Hermione can be, she knows you have to be competitive and daring and that there’s a lot of her personality in the young witch. You wouldn’t be surprised if you knew that while her two co-stars are working hard to work far away from the school of wizards to her it only makes sense if she can keep going to school.

She values team work.
Just like in the series of movies, in real life Emma, Daniel and Rupert are a team. That’s because they have in common things that very few people would understand. “I think it would be impossible to explain what we’ve been through” she says when she thinks about the last few years. Fame and fortune came unexpectedly because before they hit 10 they were famous around the world. “I’m happy that there’s three of us. Because it would’ve been a very lonely road if it had only been one kid. She rushes to stress that there’s never been even the slightest flirting wth each other. “We’re more than friends. We’re like siblings. I don’t see them as regular guys, I don’t see myself dating either one of them” she confesses.

She’s a fashion icon.
Emma has become one of the favorite actresses to dress by famous designers who love to set her up for red carpet events. Her approach to fashion keeps thoughtful shades, we might even say, anthropological.
“I love fashion, it’s very important because it’s the way you present yourself to the world”. A world that has greated her with arms wide open, because only a handful of women can say they’ve received the seal of approval from “The Kaiser of Fashion” himself, Karl Lagerfeld; and only a couple of actress and her, before they hit 18 years of age.
That’s why the pictures shot by Karl for Crash magazine are so legendary. Fhasion acknowledges the greatness of the moment before Derek Blasberg, who interviewed her for the iconic magazine Interview: “I had met Karl at some parties before, but hadn’t had the chance to speak. This is a dream come true”.

She loves Harry Potter.
“My dad used to read the books to me before going to sleep or during long trips on the road” she remembers that even then she was a fan, just like any kid in the world. So when the casting team arrived at her school and she auditioned for the first time, her parents tried to keep her under a realistic attitude. “I didn’t listen to them, I knew I had to have this role. The Sunday before the decision was made my family threw a party and we cooked chicken. My father gave me the wishbone and obviously I only had one thing in mind: getting the role of Hermione Granger. I still have the wishbone inside a jewerly box”.
Thinking about the end of filming, Emma knows that she’s a little unsure about what will happen afterwards. “I don’t know what the last day of filming will be like. I won’t be able to pull myself together” Understandable if we think that she’s spent half of her life with the same people. “Even if I’m 100 years old sitting in my rocking chair, I’ll always be very proud of being in the Harry Potter movies”.