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After filming his kissing scene with Bonnie Wright, we interviewed Daniel Radcliffe.

You looked a little nervous while filming the kissing scene. Why? Every teenager in the world wants to kiss you!
Really? Well, Harry was nervous. He’s shy and quiet. In this scene he’s supposed to be sad because he knows he has to leave, and he has to leave Ginny, it’s probably the last time he sees her. He’s feeling melancholic.

If you don’t mind kissing your co-star, is there something that makes you nervous during filming?
I try to relax myself on set, but I’m always a little worried and at the same time excited because I have to film these important scenes, but I think it’s normal. There must be a level of concern, always, because you feel excited and that makes you want to do your best. So I don’t think it’s a bad thing that I feel nervous before filming certain scenes.

Years before the director had to explain everything to you, now you’ve matured a lot as an actor, you do an amazing job!
Well, thank you very much. I’m very proud of the first HP movies. I’m so lucky to have worked with these amazing actors. I think I learned so much from them. I think that’s the best part about these movies. The amazing people they brought to my life.

Do you remember when you first got involved on this projects? When you met JK Rowling, for example? Did she immediately like you?
She still likes me (laughs). I can’t remember the first day I met her. Oh, yes! I remember! All the actors from the first movie were gathered to be fitted for costumes. All of us kids were playing with her daughter because she was so little, we were sitting in the dining room. That’s the day we met her.

Has your relationship changed with her through the years? Did she come to the set often?
The relationship hasn’t changes one bit, but she’s been involved less in the production of the last movies. She visited the set once or twice maybe, and she’s consulted when the scripts are written. But generally speaking, she’s been very happy with the 6 films she’s seen so far. There’s a level of confidence. She went to see Equus, in which I had a nude scene and she came backstage and told me “That’s it. You’ll be nude in the rest of the movies” (laughs). She’s great. Admirable.

She started everything.
Yes. I guess that when you achieve that level of success, you must have so much confidence because of everything you’ve done. She’s the one who started this adventure. I think she’s very happy with where this whole franchise has gone. She doesn’t like that term, “franchise”. But this is also a business.

And the Pottermania is still on top. We found out a Japanese fan came to visit you recently. What do you think about all these passionate followers like her?
The Japanese fans are some of the most passionate fans I’ve seen. They can reall scream! (laughs). When the girls approach me I have to breathe in, take my time, and try to calm them down.. It’s still scary that effect that I have on people, but it’s not really me, it’s Harry.

There’s everything in this saga; love, action, sadness. What was the most daring thing you did in this movie?
We filmed a scene in the forest. You’ll like it, I promise. We were running and jumping, but I was breathless and tired, in the end we were all the same. One of the actors in the scene dared me “I bet I can catch you immediately” i said, “No, you can’t”. I try to be in good shape, but at the same tim I was exhausted. I’m 20, he’s 40, but I couldn’t do it anymore, so I’m not taking people’s dares ever again.

What’s the first ting you notice when you see a girl for the first time?
Her eyes, I think. I don’t know. I really don’t pay attention to what I notice first. Whatever is her best attribute (laughs).

Emma Watson

You’ve been so involved with Harry Potter for most of your life. Is there a special memory you keep from this experience?

Oh gosh, I wouldn’t know what to tell you. There’s so much to share.

Maybe the first time you had to travel somewhere far for the movies…
Well getting the role for one was special enough. Once the movie opened and it did great, that was awesome too. Getting to travel was amazing. Working with the directors, the trips, going to NYC, having premieres in Paris. Having a theme park now. Everything is exciting.

Do you know yet if you want to be an actress your whole life?
I’m not visualizing myself that far into the future. I still have college to finish, and the promotion for this movie. I get asked constantly what I’m going to do after this movie, but I don’t know yet. I’m focusing on what I’m doing now for the moment. We’ll see what happens later.

Did you expect to be here when you started?
No, I was too little to think about what would happen with this saga. When you’re 10 all you think about is when you’re eating your next piece of candy, not about your whole career.

What has changed now that you study in the United States? Did you think you’d be chased by fans there?
No. I assumed there would be some reactions, obviously I knew it would take people some time to understand I was a normal girl and do the same things other people my age do.

There’s a scene in the movie that is not in the book where Harry and Hermione dance together. Tell us a bit about it. How would you describe it?
There’s a lot of tension in that scene. It’s nice because it’s sweet, but at the same time it’s strange. Hermione alwats tries to stop the boys from fighting and she knows how to react. She’s positive, but after Ron leaves she’s devastated. So Harry tries to make her snap out of it and cheer her up.

How do you cheer someone up?
What do I tell them? (laughs). If they’re very sad, I don’t know, I think I try to make them feel happier, or I do something silly like leaving them notes, something like that.

You worked with a lot of boys. Dan, Tom, Rupert. Looks like they’re a funny bunch, but they seem so different. What’s it like working with guys that have such different personalities?
Outside the set they’re hilarious, they keep everyone happy. They’re the best.

Were they good to you?
Yes. I got used to the way each of them is. I have so many guy friends, I’m not a very girly girl, but I think that’s ok. I do admit that when we were younger I did feel a bit left out at times, but then we got along better and loved hanging out with them. It’s like having protective brothers, and that makes me feel very lucky. I’m the oldest in my family, so it’s nice to feel like the baby.

What do you feel with the attention you get now that you’re not a little girl anymore?
When I turned 18, it was scary to see all the attention I received all of a sudden, but I was able to deal with it. Some things changed but for the better. You learn, you make mistakes, you learn again. Growing up is not easy.

In confidence, if you could steal something from the set what would it be?
Fleur’s wedding dress. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve seen.

Would you wear it for a premiere?
No, it would look like I’m getting married (laughs). But I would wear it for a different occassion.

How will you spend the money earned in this film?

(answers between laughs) I don’t know, race cars? Expensive mansions, a yacht…