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CinePremiere. Mexico. July 2009.

After six movies and two more in the way, the now 20 year old talks to us about his plans to detach himself from the wizard, his hobbies, his musical secrets and the magic of working on the set of Harry Potter.

What is it like to be in other projects aside from Harry Potter? For instance, the play Equus.
Harry is brilliant and I love playing him, but I like to portray someone different, not just that character. Equus was a very big change for my career, and even though a lot of people thought it would fail I really enjoyed doing it.

This is the sixth film of the whole franchise. Do you think you will have mixed feelings when you’re done filming the last two films?
Definitely. It will be very, very strange to not come back to Harry Potter. In a certain way it’s like a safety net when I do other projects. Knowing that this will be gone, will be weird. It makes me sad to leave the character behind and not see everyday the friends I made here.

This series has been a very large part of your life. Do you ever watch again the first movie to see how much you’ve grown as an actor?
It scares me to see my interpretation of Harry back then, so I don’t. Probably I should, taking only the positive, observing how my performance has change and improved, but it’s a little embarrassing to see and hear yourself at that age. When I will, it will be interesting.

Rupert says that you play Ping-Pong on your breaks but Emma says he beats all of you…
Yes, it’s annoying that she’s so good (laughs). Rupert and I have played together for eight months and we back each other up. But one day Emma was brilliant, we couldn’t beat her, and I’ve gotten better but I’m never facing her again.

You’ve always been a fan of indie rock. Can you talk about your recent musical discoveries this year?

I recommend the band Vampire Weekend. There’s also a girl called Laura Marley who has this really amazing songs, just like another singer called Adele. One of my favorite albums of the year was Love, Lost and Desperation by The Wombats. There’s another group that nobody seems to know another band I love called Beirut. They have two albums and both are amazing. I highly recommend them. I also love The Mars Volta, and I loved the last album by My Chemical Romance, although I didn’t like their previous albums.

Are you a frustrated rock star?

No, I don’t have enough talent to do it. If I discovered I was an amazing guitar player, I’d definitely do it, but I doubt it’ll happen!

But you’re good at karaoke…
Honestly, I’m brilliant at karaoke. My specialty is “Rock and Roll suicide” by Bowie and I surprised everyone when I sang at an Equus party.

Speaking of Harry Potter, in this new movie, will we see a new side of Harry?
There’s a lot of friction in this movie, but this happens between Ron and Hermione, more than with Harry. However, I can tell you that my character is very unhappy in this movie, mainly because people keeps trying to kill him, but his love life is scary. That’s what Jo does best: mixing real ordinary life with fantasy.